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Andi lulz

Andi on the phone discussing irritable bowel syndrome:

"Yeah, I heard from a friend that IBS means you can't have anal sex...


...personally I think they're just trying to get out of it."

This is so wrong

I can't believe my boyfriend just forced me to do a maths test.

In bed.

On a Friday night.

I got a B.

Oh yes, that's very sexy.

Here at Porn Central, we recently launched a UK adult industry news and reviews site, which we've been asking pornstars and producers to write content for.

One of the sections that's still pretty empty is Erotic Stories, but today I got our first submission. It begins:

"Bill’s eyes glowed like two currants in a bun."


I have no words.
From the Dans Le Noir website:

"Is the dark room monitored by CCTV cameras?

Yes, we do film the room with infrared cameras and keep records to ensure visitors' welfare and safety."

Oh shit...

...I so need a copy of that tape.