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Aaron Jacob
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Hello, I'm Aaron. I used to be known as AJ, back in the old days when I worked at Cyberdog. Mind you, I also used to wear 9 inch high silver platform boots - we all go through phases.

I worked in the adult industry for the last 5 years but I escaped and now I am a professional designer.

I used to have around 50 piercings and crazy hair, but I grew out of the constant stares and comments it all attracted. I still have 12 transdermal implants - although these days only the two on the sides of my face are visible. I also have a split tongue and a slightly less notorious back tattoo, a full spine piece of pale bubbles.

Other things I like include rollerblading, photography, design and branding, and internet culture in general. I'm shit at blogging regularly, so don't expect a whole lot of entries from me here. That'll be all.